Po’ Boy Food Truck Coming To Bushwick

Po' Boy Food Truck Coming To Bushwick

Between Tchoup Shop and DBA Brooklyn, we can’t exactly say that North Brooklyn is lacking when it comes to food from the Big Easy, but we’re still going to make a big deal about this one. A po’ boy food truck called Orleans is coming to Bushwick!

Oliver Vonderahe, formerly of Roberta’s, plans on bringing a permanent restaurant-cum-food truck specializing in Nola’s version of the hoagie to the parking lot across from Bossa Nova Civic Club on Myrtle Avenue.

Orleans will boast plenty of picnic tables, inviting patrons to order, take a seat, sip a beer or a glass of wine and use the on-site restrooms if need be, according to Bedford + Bowery. There’s no yet word on prices, but po’ boys, as their name suggests, aren’t meant to put a major dent in the wallet.

Look for Orleans to open on August 8.

Orleans will be located at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Hart Street.

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