Brooklyn Brewery Opening A Facility On Staten Island

Brooklyn Brewery Opening A Facility On Staten Island
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If you’re just this side of passingly familiar with the inner workings of Brooklyn Brewery, then you know that the majority of their beer is not, in fact, brewed in New York City proper. The sausage beer is actually made in Utica. But, that’s all about to change! Brooklyn Brewery is looking to open a brand new facility—on Staten Island.

If all goes according to plan, Brooklyn Brewery may soon get the support needed to build a $70 million dollar production facility somewhere along Staten Island’s western coast, reports Crains New York. The 200,000-square-foot brewery, which would be conveniently located near the New York and New Jersey ports, would primarily be used to brew beers for the brewery’s overseas markets.

It’s no secret that the brewery has been looking to increase their overseas market shares, following the recent opening of a brewery in Sweden and the rumors that founder Steve Hindy would be announcing an Asia project soon. Still no word on the latter, but the Staten Island facility would help the pioneering brewery grow in no small part.

Brooklyn Brewery is currently working with the New York City Regional Economic Development Council to find a suitable 20-25 acre campus for the new facility and its 92 full-time employees. All Hindy & Co. need at this point is a bit of support from Governor Cuomo’s Global New York Initiative, which aims to take local brands worldwide. With State backing, the new brewery could be in business by late 2017.

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