New York City Leads U.S. In Tech Gender Gap

Image: NYU Local
Image: NYU Local

When not leading the nation in unhappiness and school segregation, it appears that our beloved and complex city has managed to embarrass itself in yet another way. According to a new report, New York City also employs the least amount of women in top-level tech positions.

This week, Silicon Valley Bank published its 2014 Innovation Economy Outlook survey and as Crain’s New York reports, New York City came out looking pretty bad. According to the report, only 38 percent of boardroom and high-level executive positions in our tech sector are held by women. That’s well below the national average of 46 percent for all U.S.-based tech companies.

That number puts New York’s Silicon Alley (which includes our very own Brooklyn Tech Triangle) behind both Silicon Valley (44 percent) and the Boston tech scene where a whopping 48 percent of high-level positions are held by women. Ouch.

This isn’t a nerdy version of Mad Men people. Let’s turn this around.

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