Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Matt Torrey’s

Photo by Crystal Gwyn
Photo by Crystal Gwyn

If you ever find yourself wandering around what real estate agents are calling “East Williamsburg”, you’re probably in need of a drink. Look for the neon sign that says “BAR” and pull up a seat at Matt Torrey’s.

Number of Taps: They carry an impressive 20 taps, with  a strong emphasis on New York state breweries. You’ll find offerings from Six Point, Captain Lawrence and Ommegang, but our personal favorite on tap is the bold and boozy Brooklyn Blast, a double IPA that’s served in a 12 oz. pour.

Number of Bottles: Not to be outdone by the taps, the bottle selection here is wide ranging and diverse, with 4 different Hitachino offerings and a curious Porterhouse Oyster Stout, out of Ireland, that’s brewed with actual oysters, which sounds weird, but is probably pretty delicious.

Vibes: Unpretentious, friendly, nice. Far enough to filter out a lot of the riffraff that roam Bedford Avenue on the weekends.

Music: If it was noticeable, that probably means it wasn’t that great, so three snaps for the soundtrack being seamless and inoffensive.

Price: Fair! They also have a good happy hour that lasts until 8pm, with $1 off all drinks.

Seating: There’s a big bar, a back room with intimate tables, but the best seat in the house are at the stools up against the giant windows that face the streets, making it a perfect spot for passing quiet judgements on passers-by or just reading and enjoying a beverage.

Outdoor Space: There’s no yard or anything, but when the weathers nice, they open up those big windows which allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of being outdoors with none of the trouble.


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