Partial Vacate Order Issued For McKibbin Lofts Basement

Image via Gothamist

Today in the ongoing McKibbin Lofts saga, we have a brand new chapter entitled, “You’re Not Supposed To Be Living In This Basement” by the New York City Department of Buildings.

Apparently, a partial vacate order was issued this past Friday to 155 McKibbin Street, which contains a handful of basement apartments, Gothamist reports. The order states that living in those units is “imminently perilous to life” and that said units have been “vacated and reentry is prohibited until such conditions have been eliminated to the satisfaction of the department.” Most of the violations involve the all-too-familiar illegal conversion of units into artists’ studios and the ramshackle installation of utility lines.

What’s more, some digging on Gothamist‘s part reveals that the apartments on the second and third floors of the Lofts aren’t quite legal either. So, those living there should know that they’re perpetually at risk of being evicted, just like the folks at 248 McKibbin were last spring.

There’s no word yet on when (or if) residents of the basement units will be allowed to return home, but perhaps a new place would be best? After all, you’ll probably sleep better if you don’t have to constantly worry about dumpster fires

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