Massive Indoor Market Coming To Bushwick

Indoor Market Coming To Bushwick
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While one corner of Bushwick will soon become private and very expensive, a more community-oriented project is also on the way: a new indoor market is coming to the neighborhood.

Starting on August 23, Bushwick will become the new home of ‘Schwick, a large scale indoor market. According to Bedford + Bowery, local entrepreneur Chris C. (he declined to give his last name) will invite 40-100 vendors to sell their wares at an as-yet-unknown location in Bushwick. “Makers” of all kinds are invited, including clothing designers, artists, jewelers and even artisanal food producers.

Once a location is secured, the market will take place every Saturday and Sunday through the week before Christmas, when it will shut down until Spring 2015. Early bird applications are available now and bookings will cost vendors anywhere between $95 for one day to $2880 for the entire season. To learn more about ‘Schwick (is it growing on you yet?), visit the market online.

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