Farewell, Brooklyn Knight

The Scourge of Barclay's
Terrifying. (Image: New York Post)

Remember the Brooklyn Knight? Oh yeah, that guy! Well, news came down recently that the Brooklyn Nets will be retiring their not-so-beloved mascot, with no word yet on his replacement.

While we appreciated the word play at first (Brooklynite/Brooklyn Knight), it didn’t take long for the Internet to locate the remarkably NSFW Brooklyn Night, whose most printable film title is MILFs & Maidens 2—totally underrated, as a sequel. (Kidding.)

The BK Knight followed in a long tradition of so-so mascots, and from the sounds of it, we could have inherited something much, much worse from the team’s New Jersey life—can you imagine rooting for the Brooklyn Swamp Dragons? (Yeah, I kinda can, too.) This morning The Brooklyn Paper posted a reader poll for a new mascot, complete with mock-ups, which are pretty fantastic. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mascot with a little more Brooklyn flavor? If not Crummy the Pigeon, then maybe Gowanus the Gator? Hottie the Park Slope Dad? Noah the Artisanal Cheesemonger? Maybe Catey Shaw will be looking for work. Whatddya say, Nets?

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