House Of Yes Launches A Kickstarter Campaign

House Of Yes Launches A Kickstarter Campaign
Image: House of Yes

Way back in February, we were excited to report that after six months out of commission, House of Yes, the circus show and artist collective would be making a major comeback. The collective announced its intentions to build a massive new venue and performance space in Bushwick and it looks like plans are officially underway—except the group needs some cash.

Some of you may recall that House of Yes shuttered rather suddenly in August 2013, following an alcohol bust that landed the owners in major trouble and spelled the end for the collective’s Maujer Street location.

Never ones to be kept down, co-founders Anya Sapozhnikova, Kae Burke and Elena Delgado have been renovating a new 5,000-square-foot space at 408 Jefferson Street at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue since February. With all the additional room, the trio plans to bring a smokehouse restaurant, bar, and lounge to their new neighborhood. The entire thing will cost about $105,000, but House of Yes is asking for a mere $60,000 from friends of the collective.

Most of the crowd-funded money will go toward sound equipment, soundproofing, theatrical lighting and labor with the rest being put aside for things like rigging, curtains and, you know, seating. (This place is a theater after all.) So far, the collective has raised $18,234 from 231 backers (~30 percent of what they need) and they have until Friday, August 8 at 10 pm EST to come up with the rest. How exciting/nerve-wracking!

If you’re interested in donating—give $30+ and you get handmade booty shorts; give $75 and you get a unitard—visit House of Yes’ Kickstarter page and check out the full campaign spiel below:

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