Brooklyn Man Will Build Tree House from Trash

Carroll Gardens resident Gennaro Brooks-Church will build an eco-friendly tree house in his brownstone’s backyard, DNAinfo reports. The project—intended to be a play space for his three children—probably sounds a little odd to you. After all, how many tree houses do you typically see on your walk to the train?

His materials of choice, however, are even more unconventional. Brooks-Church, an eco-minded designer committed to green construction, will create the whole structure from discarded materials pulled from numerous dumpster-diving excursions. A recycled fire escape ladder, repurposed sheets of glass, and other trash finds will compose the two story house, which will also include walls on its first floor that give the impression of a “garden turned on its side”.

Although tree houses seem much more at home in the suburbs (or in a picture book), it’s actually legal to construct them on your own property in New York City. Their construction requires no additional building permits, so long as you don’t try to construct them in a public park, of course.

Brooks-Church estimates that the tree house will take him a month and a half to complete. Got some time to spare? Wrangle your roommates and the junk you might ordinarily haul to the curb, so that you too can have an aerial hideaway to call your own.

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