Take Care of Your Citi Bikes, and Each Other

Yesterday, Citi Bike contacted customers via email to address common service issues and to share a desperate message regarding bike return etiquette: “Please, please, please DO NOT SLAM your Citi Bike into a dock”, the message wrote.

Open docking station slots, often buggy, sometimes refuse to accept the newly returned bike. When customers take their frustrations out on the dock, though, it actually worsens the pre-existing problems. Instead, Citi Bike asks for patrons to use a “gentler” approach.

Want to avoid the docking process altogether? There’s now an option to use a free bike valet service at one of Citi Bike’s East Village locations. Yes, it might seem a bit unusual (and maybe even a little pretentious) to ask someone to valet your bike, but it’ll sure save you from a few disapproving looks directed your way as you struggle with your bike, shouting words that one would not exactly consider “gentle”.

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