Longtime Bushwick Resident Stars in Film About Lesbian Prostitutes

Source: Bushwick Daily

In director Madeline Olnek’s latest film, The Foxy Merkins, two women are approached in a cemetery by a merkin salesman played by Alex Karpovsky, that gangly, intellectual-quirk from Girls. He unveils a collage of fake pubic hair under his tan trench coat, and asks the women coolly, ‘What kinda cut you like?’

Margaret, played by longtime Bushwick resident, Lisa Haas, stammers before muttering, “I have a plus-size vagina.”

The dark comedy, co-written by Haas and her co-star, stand-up comedian Jackie Monahan, is a whirlwind yarn of two lesbian prostitutes and their bouts with manic Republican housewives and the gritty streets of New York. Though  Jo (Monahan) is straight, and Bushwick Daily says the film effectively lays bare the “the spiderweb of invisible conventions that gay-straight friendships are sometimes forced to maneuver through.”

It sounds hilarious and complex, and you can watch the trailer below. The next screening of The Foxy Merkins will take place at Lincoln Center’s NewFest on July 25th.


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