Clinton Hill Superintendent Uses Cats as Rodent Slayers


Two Clinton Hill cats, Jangles and Tiger, have become one superintendent’s remedy to his building’s serious rodent problem. DNAInfo reports the super at 475 Washington Avenue, who goes by Unk, adopted five felines as rat killers, with the former duo as slaying standouts. Oh yeah, and they’re his pets too. 

The cats mosey around the building, searching for their prey; Unk often puts them to work in the basement. The article says tenants at the 47-unit building have filed five complaints about vermin since early 2014, and that combined with weekly visits from an exterminator, Unk says the cats have been a huge help to him and menace to the rodents.

“The cats are doing their job,” he told DNAInfo.

Some tenants, though, aren’t pleased. Fourteen-year resident Jacqui Hawins calls it “animal abuse.” But another tenant says the rat issue is so dire that many rodents are dying in the walls, resulting in maggots and flies seeping through the air vents. Gross. In that case, bring on the kitties!

After all, cats are everywhere in Brooklyn. The feral creatures basically run Bushwick, and your bodega isn’t tried and true without its very own mouser. So is there really any difference between the local bodega cat and Unk’s rodent slayers? We don’t think so.


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