Littleneck Outpost Now Open In Greenpoint

Littleneck Outpost Now Open In Greenpoint
Photo: Time Out NY

After a three month-long wait, Littleneck Outpost is finally open to the public.

The new seafood-centric shop—an offshoot of the eponymous Gowanus restaurant—opened yesterday morning, serving up everything a good Brooklynite needs in the morning like coffee, granola,  a soft egg and boquerones and arugula quinoa. Later in the day, visitors can enjoy salads and sandwiches using bread from Bakeri, another Greenpoint newcomer, including Littleneck’s famed lobster rolls ($18), clam rolls ($16) and shrimp rolls ($14). And if seafood isn’t quite your thing, there are more terrestrially-influenced options like mortadella, chicken confit and smoked pastrami sandwiches.

Littleneck Outpost is also functioning as a “grocery and specialty needs” shop according to their website, so keep an eye out for well-stocked shelves with “books, aprons and pantry items” for sale.

Or, just go there to eat! Here’s the full menu:


Benton’s Ham, Egg, + Cheese $6

Baked Beans $5
Soft egg | baguette

Arugula Quinoa $9
Soft egg | boquerones | baguette

Olive oil Granola (gluten free) $7
Pistachio | apricot | yogurt

Mini Breakfast Sandwiches

Cucumber | quark | black sesame $4

Gin Cured Arctic Char | crème fraiche | dill oil $6

Benton’s Country Ham | butter $5


Lobster Roll $18

Whole Belly Clam Roll $16

Shrimp Roll $14
Classic or Spicy

avocado | lime | chili flake | torn baguette $9

Bonito butter | seaweed salt | baguette $9

Chicken Confit
Bacon jam | bib lettuce | oregano aioli | ciabatta $12

Country Ham
Benton’s cured ham | cipollini | butter | mustard | ciabatta $10

Sharp provolone | parsley tapenade | focaccia $9.50

Smoked Pastrami
Aged cheddar | yellow mustard | pickles | sourdough rye $14

Roast Beets
Soft boiled egg | quark | watercress | baguette $9

Smoked Sweet Potato (vegan)
Pickled veggies | avocado | focaccia $9


Pea Shoot
Raw beets | pickled fennel | dill $8

Radish | snap peas | feta $7


New England Clam Chowder $8

Littleneck Outpost is located at 128 Franklin Street near Milton Street. Hours: 8am – 8pm

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