Love Locks Now Appearing On The Manhattan Bridge

Love Locks Now Appearing On The Manhattan Bridge

The so-called “love lock” phenomenon is spreading. Today, we’ve learned that the visual nuisances, first spotted on the Brooklyn Bridge, have started appearing on the Manhattan Bridge.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, ten locks have been spotted on the chain link fences that line the pedestrian walkways of the Manhattan Bridge so far.

The transition to the Manhattan Bridge makes sense. The Department of Transportation is spread so thin and they’re so hyper-focused on the Brooklyn Bridge (4,000 locks were removed in June) that we bet the Manhattan Bridge locks will have a bit more staying power. But that doesn’t mean we approve. Just last month, part of a fence on Paris’ Pont des Arts, the most popular of all the world’s love lock bridges, collapsed under the weight of all the locks and the bridge had to be evacuated. Imagine that happening during rush hour in New York.

The Department of Transportation didn’t respond when the Paper reached out for comment, but we’re guessing they’ll eventually start cutting off the Manhattan Bridge locks, too. They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the symbols of eternal commitment. And, bah humbug, so do we.

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