Dance Party Tiki Disco Returning To The Well This Sunday

Tiki Disco Returning To The Well This Sunday
Photo: Tiki Disco Instagram

When we heard that Tiki Disco and Meserole Street hotspot The Well were hooking up for a summer opening bash, following the shocking breakup between the famed dance party and Roberta’s Pizza, it seemed like it might just be a one-off, a mere stop along Tiki Disco’s way to finding a new relationship. But it looks like things have gotten serious. This Sunday, the Tiki Disco will return to The Well for another summer bash.

The news comes via a poster shared on Tiki Disco’s Tumblr. Check it out below:

Festivities end at 10, meaning that you can all make it to bed in time for work the next morning. And apparently, the new $10 entry fee stands because (let’s admit it) “free” Brooklyn is a dying way of life. Buy advance tickets here.

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