Dance Party Tiki Disco Returning To The Well This Sunday

Tiki Disco Returning To The Well This Sunday

When we heard that Tiki Disco and Meserole Street hotspot The Well were hooking up for a summer opening bash, following the shocking breakup between the famed dance party and Roberta’s Pizza, it seemed like it might just be a one-off, a mere stop along Tiki Disco’s way to finding a new relationship. But it looks like things have gotten serious. This Sunday, the Tiki Disco will return to The Well for another summer bash.

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The news comes via a poster shared on Tiki Disco’s Tumblr. Check it out below:

Festivities end at 10, meaning that you can all make it to bed in time for work the next morning. And apparently, the new $10 entry fee stands because (let’s admit it) “free” Brooklyn is a dying way of life. Buy advance tickets here.

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