Part Of The Brooklyn Bridge Collapsed During Last Night’s Storm

Last Night's Storm Caused Part Of The Brooklyn Bridge To Collapse
Photo: FDNY Twitter

Remember when we said that people should stop putting “love locks” on the Brooklyn Bridge because not only was it ruining it aesthetically, but because that bridge is a delicate and super old feat of engineering? Well, we were right! Because during last night’s storm, part of a stone facade on our beloved bridge collapsed, injuring five people.

According to the Postgranite chunks of “substantial weight” began falling onto the bridge’s pedestrian underpass at around 7:30 pm on the Brooklyn side of the bridge in DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights. The five unlucky pedestrians who happened to be standing in the area were taken to Bellevue and treated for minor injuries.

The Department of Buildings and the FDNY reassured the Post that the collapse did not impair the bridge’s structural integrity, but still, scary stuff. There’s no word yet on when repairs will be made. 

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