Jay And Bey Visited The Kara Walker Exhibit When You Weren’t There

Photo: Beyoncé’s blog

Brooklyn conversation piece of the moment, Kara Walker’s Domino Refinery exhibit “A Subtlety,” has attracted a fair number of considered essays, bewildered visitors, and inappropriate selfies. So perhaps it’s only natural that first couple of the borough, Beyoncé and Jay Z, stopped by for a visit on a day we weren’t there.

Vulture came across the news on Beyoncé’s blog, which features a lovely picture of one of America’s most powerful families staring contemplatively at Walker’s outsized mammy sphinx. We can only imagine that they were wondering why Walker didn’t make the saccharine statue in Beyoncé’s image.

We may never know the answer to that. Meanwhile, there are only three days left until the exhibit closes for good, so please make sure to check it out before then. You won’t be disappointed.

A Subtlety will be on public display at the Domino Sugar Factory (S. 1st St. and Kent Ave.) through Sunday, July 6. Exhibit hours are Fridays (4 p.m. – 8 p.m.) and Saturdays & Sundays (12 p.m. – 6 p.m.). Visit Creative Time online for more information. 

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