Community-Based Rezoning Initiative Coming to Bushwick

Do you want Bushwick to look like this?
Do you want Bushwick to look like this?

Following the lead of the Bridging Gowanus community planning meetings, City Councilmen Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal will be hosting similar convocations in Bushwick beginning this month, designed to give residents concerned about the neighborhood’s future a chance to voice their concerns and opinions.

As DNAinfo reports, the meetings, spearheaded by Reynoso staff Kevin Worthington, will also educate Bushwick residents on what leverage they have when developers present plans for the neighborhood. Topics on discussion will include commercial corridors, affordable housing, what areas need more or less density, and where more open space is needed. The opinions of residents, housing activists, churchgoers, and Community Board 4 members will all be heard.

“We want them to plan what Bushwick will look like in future decades,” Worthington told DNAinfo. It’s thought that the Department of City Planning will support a rezoning project based on ideas formulated at the meetings. The plans would then go through the city’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, public review process for land use changes.

If you don’t want Bushwick to look like Williamsburg, and you’d like to have a say in the neighborhood’s planning, you can contact Worthington here.



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