A Gunman Shot Two People Before Killing Himself In Gowanus This Morning

photo c/o C and A Iron Works

Via DNAInfo, a gunman opened fire inside a Gowanus iron works factory this morning after being denied employment. The still unidentified man, shot two people inside the C & A Ironworks factory at 13th Street and Hamilton Place, held police in a standoff, and then fatally shot himself. 

The shooting took place just after 11am this morning, and the 54-year-old shooter had previously appeared to be “quiet, calm, and polite,” according to one witness. Early reports indicate that he was looking for a job, but after being denied, opened fire, shooting at least one other person at point blank range. Both victims were rushed to the hospital, where they are currently in critical condition. At one point, police believed that the gunman tried to detonate a pipe bomb, but it was later shown to be nothing more than a pipe.

We will update this story with more information as it comes in. We will also spend some time reflecting on the fact that many people in this country think that birth control is more dangerous than guns. What a country.

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