The Most Delicious Things We Ate At Northside

Like most things in life, mac and cheese is better with lobster. (Photo by Cara Howe)
Like most things in life, mac and cheese is better with lobster. (Photo by Cara Howe)

There was a lot to see at Northside this weekend, and quite frankly, we’re still recovering. Whenever we weren’t seeing bands or strolling down a grass-covered Bedford Avenue, we were parked at the Jameson Block Party at Dirck The Norseman, eating everything we could get our hands on. While we crawl out in search of a green juice in an attempt to atone for the weekend, check out our favorite things we ate (after the jump):

Lobster mac and cheese from Red Hook Lobster Pound:  We recognize that throwing some lobster into an already-decadent dish of mac and cheese is gilding the lily a bit, but every bite was worth it.

Duck fat potatoes from Dirck the Norseman: Oh, boy. We could happily eat a bowl of these every morning, with some eggs and a bracing cup of coffee. Duck fat can be used as an excuse to charge a premium for a staple dish, but these potatoes were done right.

Maple and Jameson glazed Brussels sprouts from Dirck The Norseman: Subtly sweet, with a hint of spice, they were served with a super-tender brisket. Arguably the best dish of the weekend.

Piroshki with Jameson applesauce: Piroshki — those hearty yet pillowy little dumplings — are in general quite good. Add in the savory and sweet house-made apple sauce on the side, and it was a delicious snack that paired well with a beer in the afternoon and a whiskey when we had seconds after dark.

Vegan Ice Cream from Alchemy Creamery: Usually vegan ice cream would send us screaming for the hills, but this blend made from a blend of coconut, almond and hazelnut milk was surprisingly creamy and tasty.


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