The Brooklyn Father’s Day Gift Guide (Yes, You Should Get Him A Gift)

(Photo c/o Brooklyn Gin)

Oh, dads. Whether they’re being portrayed as bumbling sitcom idiots or unintentionally starting ironic trends, dads simply just can’t catch a break. Not only does Mother’s Day come first, but it also tends to be a lot more of a big whoop—there are brunch deals and flower sales all over the city. But Father’s Day? Eh.

But you, good sons and daughters of Brooklyn, shall rise above the unappreciative masses. This year, forgo the usual fifteen minutes of idle phone chatter and spend some of that hard-earned money doing whatever it is that you do with your time and surprise the Dad in your life—yours or otherwise—with a real, actual Father’s Day gift. Because you know he’s not expecting anything. Which is all the more reason to get him one.


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