The 8 Best Steaks In Brooklyn… For Father’s Day and Beyond

8 Best Steaks In Brooklyn
Benchmark’s Bone-In Rib-Eye
photo by Austin McAllister

Unless your dad’s a committed vegetarian, or his tastes run more to bellinis and quiche (which is totally cool, incidentally) a fantastic steak dinner is a pretty safe bet for Father’s Day. And from high-end, dry-aged T-Bones to Cheez Whiz-smothered sandwiches, Brooklyn’s bringing the beef in a really big way. 

Benchmark’s Bone-in Rib-eye: Don’t be put off that the corn-finished, pasture-raised protein is wet-aged (which requires only a few days of sitting around in a vacuum-sealed bag). The hulking, 24-ounce behemoth is unctuously smoky and fatty; a benefit of being broiled on the bone.

339 2nd Street, Park Slope

Chadwick’s T-Bone: Bay Ridge’s decidedly old-school “special occasion” place, this ‘80’s-era steakhouse is a solid choice for a classic T-Bone (strip steak + tenderloin), served with crispy home fries and sautéed spinach dotted with caramelized onions.

8822 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge


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