A 1000-Foot Tower May Rise On The Site Of Junior’s

A 1000-Foot Tower May Rise On The Site Of Junior's

Back in April, rumors were flying about that the owner of Junior’s was in talks with developers about the possibility of building an apartment tower measuring as high as 50 stories above the famous cheesecake joint. Considering the fact that the Domino Refinery buildings are going to be roughly that height, it wasn’t the most surprising news we’ve heard, but this might be: according to the Times, the towers above Junior’s may now reach 1,000 feet when all is said and done. That’s just 250 feet shy of the Empire State Building’s height.

Between Downtown Brooklyn’s great subway access, its transformation into a residential-friendly area and the big names the neighborhood is attracting, developers are basically falling over themselves to buy up property and the centrally located site of Junior’s is a Holy Grail of sorts. A slew of major developers are expected to participate in bidding, which kicks off this week. Apparently, the owner of Chicago’s Willis Tower is an early frontrunner.

Still, a lot of this is wild speculation and nothing is completely set in stone (though gigantic towers in Brooklyn seem inevitable). What’s more, Junior’s owner Alan Rosen is not completely certain about selling the restaurant. He’ll only consider moving if “the price was sweet enough.”

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