You Can Get Married Inside A Pop-Up Chapel On The Wythe Hotel Rooftop During Pride Week

You Can Get Married Inside A Pop-Up Chapel On The Wythe Hotel Rooftop During Pride Week
“Maxikiosko” at the 2013 Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach (photo via Bedford + Bowery)

The Wythe Hotel is one of Brooklyn’s swankiest places to tie the knot, but during Pride Week, about twelve lucky gay couples will take the plunge for cheap. Okay, well, New York cheap. A pop-up wedding chapel will be installed on the hotel’s sixth-floor terrace for three days, from June 27 to 29, where weddings go for the unheard-of price of $1,500.

Wythe Hotel co-founder Andrew Tarlow devised the plan as a way to celebrate L.G.B.T. residents in the neighborhood, and it was his business partner Peter Lawrence who thought of artist Tom Fruin’s stained-glass house, titled,”Maxikiosko,” for the ceremonies. For three days, up to four couples per day will say their vows in front of 20 friends and family (plus anyone else who’s inside the bar, which will stay open to the public during the weddings), and then receive a one-hour champagne reception and wedding portrait.

The hotel will be taking bookings this week, and if it’s a hit, they’ll do it again next year, maybe even alongside a block party. “We have to be a for-profit business, so we sell rooms for what we can get for them and drinks for what we can get for them, but we’re aware that a lot of our success comes from a neighborhood full of talented and creative people who came here when nobody else did. A lot of those people are in the L.G.B.T. community. We want to be not only a part of that community, but also a resource for it,” Lawrence told T Magazine. Hear that, gays? The Wythe Hotel is giving you a deal on your weddings because it’s terrified of the changes to the neighborhood that it’s probably had a huge hand in causing. Do with that what you will.

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