Building Permits Filed For First Domino Tower

Well, the inevitable has finally happened: Permits for the first tower in the Domino Sugar Refinery project have officially been filed.

Nearly three weeks after the City Council approved Two Trees Management’s plan to redevelop the site of the former factory, NY YIMBY reports that the first application for a building at 2 Grand Street is now in the pipeline. The new tower will measure 35 stories high and feature 658 apartments, a school, bike storage, a playground and a gym.

This first tower will be one of three mixed-use towers along the South Williamsburg waterfront, measuring 3.3 million square feet with the 2 Grand Street tower containing 785,888 square feet of space.

While there’s still no word on what percentage of the 658 apartments in the tower will be affordable, Two Trees expressed a desire (following heavy pressure from the De Blasio administration, of course) to build the affordable apartments first in order to meet the city’s growing demand for inexpensive housing.

If all goes 2 Grand Street should be completed within two to three years while the entire project will be finished by 2024.

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