The Brooklyn Weed Fairy Has Revealed Herself

The Brooklyn Weed Fairy Has Revealed Herself
Image: New York Daily News

Last October, the cultural news cycle was pretty much dominated by up-to-date reports on the wanderings of Banksy, who was in town for a month-long residency. Meanwhile, another artist was doing something arguably better: a weed fairy was leaving free nugs for those in need throughout Brooklyn. The identity of this mysterious benefactor has remained a secret—until now.

Yesterday, the Associated Press broke the news that the Brooklyn Weed Fairy was none other than Yeni Sleidi, a 23-year-old artist working in social media. This past weekend, Sleidi took her project to the streets of Seattle where she passed out flyers with small amounts of weed attached, identical to those popping up in Brooklyn last fall. And while in the marijuana-friendly area of Capitol Hill she finally felt comfortable with revealing her identity and the impetus behind her project.

Sleidi told the AP that her time as the Weed Fairy was inspired by last year’s government shutdown, which she says negatively affected her friends. She started handing out the weed to help similarly affected people relax.

“I’m not sure what the thought process was, but I thought people would be amused by it,” Sledi told the AP. 

Well, thanks for the fun times, Yeni. And with weed decriminalization well on its way, we think it might be time to bring back the giveaways to Brooklyn, especially to the transit-challenged folks in Greenpoint.

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