Graffiti Complaints Up Everywhere Except Brooklyn

Lately, Brooklyn has been getting a pretty bad rap. Pedestrian and car deaths are rampant here. Our dogs are the scourge of postal service workers in the Tri-State area. And even thinking about riding a bike around here is a pretty dangerous thing to do. The list goes on and on.

But we finally have one tenuous bragging right: Brooklyn is the only borough where graffiti complaints have not gone up this year.

Via the Post: Graffiti, one of Bill Bratton’s signs of the apocalypse “urban decay,” is apparently growing rampant according to police statistics obtained by the paper. In the last year, there’s been a five percent increase in graffiti complaints, from 3,956 to 4,167.

More specifically, things have been particularly bad south of Central Park, where complaints spiked by 14 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, Brooklyn hasn’t seen any change graffiti-wise.

Of course, there could be many, many reasons for this trend. Perhaps people in Brooklyn, especially those living in tag-happy neighborhoods like Bushwick, are just used to it and don’t see a reason to file a formal complaint. Or it could be that graffiti is more widely accepted in our borough? Who knows? We’re just glad that for once Brooklyn isn’t the worst place for…pick a verb.

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