The Interactive Bushwick Open Studios Map Is Here

Work of Rebecca Riley Image: Arts In Bushwick

Maybe it’s just us, but hasn’t this month just flown by? May’s nearly over and we’re almost halfway through the year!

Before you fall into a sobbing heap over how old you’re getting, the impending end of this month is actually a very good thing: It means that Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn’s largest art crawl/gallery tour/etc., is right around the corner. And in honor of that, the organization behind the event, Arts In Bushwick, has officially released an interactive map for BOS 2014.

Head here to view the directory, which features the locations of this year’s 558 art shows as well as which locations have multiple shows within them.

On top of that, there’s a small blurb about every single show so you can start putting your list of must-see shows together now!

And finally, if you don’t even remotely know what we’re talking about, please check out this fantastic interview we did with¬†Lucia Rollow, one of the chief organizers of this year’s BOS. She goes into all the details about this year’s event and shares highlights. Think of it as a Spark Notes for BOS.

Bushwick Open Studios runs from May 30 to June 1. For more information, visit Arts In Bushwick online. 

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