You Can Now Design Your Own Mast Brothers Chocolate Wrapper

You Can Now Design Your Own Wrapper At Mast Brothers Chocolate
It’ll be this chocolate with a totally blank wrapper. Image: French Broad Chocolates

If you’re feeling artsy and indulgent at the same time, then may we recommend that you draw on your chocolate bar?

Luckily, that’s recently been made very easy: Williamsburg’s Mast Brothers Chocolate has teamed up with the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project to bring art to the (chocolate-loving) people

For a limited time, Mast Bros. fans can go online and buy an $8 Brooklyn Blend dark chocolate bar wrapped in blank paper and use an attached pencil from The Sketchbook Project to design their own wrapper.

Once completed, wrapper artists are encouraged to tweet an image of their specially-designed wrapper to @sketchbkproject and @mastbrothers along with #sketchmastbrothers where all the work will be compiled.

The special edition chocolate bar can be purchased here. We can’t wait to see all your (literally) sweet artistry.

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