Clinton Hill’s Hot Bird Bans Children

Clinton Hill's Hot Bird Bans Children
Image: Functional Beer

While banning children from adult establishments isn’t exactly novel (Windsor Terrace’s Greenwood Park did it back in 2012), a statement is still being made. Child bans punish parents for their decision to have kids and they’ll always come with their share of controversy.

Even so, another Brooklyn establishment has joined in on the anti-kid party. Hot Bird, a popular bar in Clinton Hill, has put their foot down on underage visitors.

According to the Post, the ban took effect in the last week or so and news began making the rounds when an intrepid mother arrived to find a sign bearing the message: “Children are not allowed.” She was pretty quickly kicked out of the bar along with her 15-month-old child.

When reached for comment, a bartender at Hot Bird told the Post, “There was a time when there were too many people bringing small children here. It became an issue. So we put up the sign.”

In a 2008 Times article on the subject, it was reported that “neither New York state nor city law forbids minors in bars,” but it seems like there’s an unofficial rule that bars can draw the line where they please in the same way a concert venue can promote 18+ or 21+ shows according to the kind of crowd they want to attract. 

Whatever the case, we’re sure that Clinton Hill parents will figure out some kind of alternative.

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