New Boutique Hotel Opening In Greenpoint Soon

New Boutique Hotel Opening In Greenpoint Soon
Image: Free Williamsburg

Those living in the nosebleed section of Greenpoint (anything north of Greenpoint Avenue, we’d say) are probably familiar with the Box Hotel, a swanky little joint located on, where else, Box Street.

Up until now, it’s been a standout in the neighborhood, but not for much longer. Another boutique hotel is moving in.

According to Free Williamsburg, a massive hotel called the Henry Norman Hotel is set to open at 251 North Henry Street at Norman Avenue in the near future. It will sit one block north of McGolrick Park and be run by Joe Torres, the same guy behind the aforementioned Box Hotel.

Early on, the hotel was mired in controversy when tenants who’d been living in the former warehouse were unceremoniously evicted to make way for an architecture firm that, according to the Brooklyn Paper, had  “a long history of pushing the limits of legality.”

While the new hotel’s website doesn’t offer much in the way of additional information, we wouldn’t be surprised if it boasted the same amenities that have made the Box Hotel so popular (i.e. those checkered cabs that take visitors to the G train). In this case, though, we have to say the Norman Henry isn’t nearly far away enough from the Nassau Avenue G to justify the use of those cabs. To future tourists: Walking is one of the most authentically Brooklyn things you can do. So, don’t embarrass yourselves and walk.

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  1. It’s McGolrick Park (l before r). This is good news. Nice walk for guests to the Nassau Ave G — as long as you don’t get run over crossing (newly traffic-calmed) McGuinness Blvd.


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