Yoko Ono Received An Honorary Degree From Pratt Today

Image: Ultimate Classic Rock

This week, graduation season in New York City is officially underway. Both the Ivy Leaguers at Columbia and alterna-kids at NYU graduate on Wednesday while the kids at CUNY have to wait until May 30. Meanwhile, the Pratt Institute’s burgeoning artists, architects and designers said goodbye to their youths today.

While they were at it, they granted Yoko Ono an honorary degree.

According to the Daily News, Ms. Ono and four others, including Times architect critic, Michael Kimmelman, were honored at Radio City Music Hall before 1,337 graduating students.

In a brief speech, Ono told the now-former students to “be the metronome of our very troubled human culture or human race” and to “keep our sanity and make it work.”

For those among us who often characterize Ono as the reason the Beatles broke up, it should be noted that well before she met John Lennon, she was an established performance artist in her own right, showing at Carnegie Hall in 1965 and serving as the subject of a Whitney Museum retrospective in 1989.

So, congratulations to her. And we’ll just leave this little nugget of Ono wisdom in honor of her accomplishment:

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