MTA To Provide Free Transfers Between The G And JMZ Lines

As we all know (or may have heard from a Greenpoint-based friend), the G train will undergo a major shutdown this summer with Queens’ Court Square and 21st Street stops and Greenpoint’s Greenpoint Avenue stop being categorically closed for 5 weeks starting on July 26. It’s the pits, we know.

Even so, the MTA wants to ease our pain and recently announced that they’ll provide free transfers between the G train’s Broadway stop and the JMZ’s Lorimer stop throughout the shutdown.

According to the Daily News, the free transfer will require riders to pop out from underground and walk a block and a half to the rarely crowded Lorimer Street station. There, they’ll find the Downtown Manhattan-bound J/Z and the Queens-bound M train.

Here’s the thing, though: I, specifically the writer of this article, regularly make this two-swipe transfer and have long wondered why the MTA doesn’t just connect these two stations. They are really very close together and would give Bushwickers like myself better access to the G train.

All I’m saying, G train riders,  is that you will be driven crazy by the sound of the Manhattan-bound train to the city barreling over your head while you haul ass down the sidewalk and up a rather steep set of stairs.

But, then again, that trial is still more than two months away. Until then, why not re-watch this fantastic parody video about MTA service changes we discovered last week:

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