A Definitive Ranking Of Men Objectified In Lana Del Rey Music Videos

Yesterday, Lana Del Rey, the heavy-lidded songstress indie poppers hate to love, released an official music video for “West Coast”, the first single off her forthcoming sophomore album, Ultraviolence. In the video, Del Rey portrays a carefree (presumably) California girl caught between a greasy, leather-clad scenester and a wealthy, older gentleman with killer sunglasses.

As we watched the video–which we couldn’t finish because watching Lana Del Rey slow blink for nearly five minutes is really, really hard–we realized that this was yet another chapter in a long history of Del Rey objectifying men, who are merely accessories in her (pop persona’s) world. So, we present a definitive ranking of the men Lana Del Rey has put on display in her music videos throughout her very short but storied career.


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