Sponsored: City Harvest Makes it Easier for Your Food to Reach Those Who Need It

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It can definitely seem like public transport is against us all these days. How many times have you taken a run after the G Train only to have that last car pull away? Or walked to the L at night to find yourself waiting for a shuttle bus that you’re not even sure exists! Even little things like getting on a rush hour train can make you feel so squeezed in the middle of the benches that you might as well have worked those extra 25 minutes before leaving the office. But no matter how frustrating your commute can seem, the journey that the food from City Harvest takes to get to New York’s hungry is even more perilous than jogging toward the G-Train with a full cappuccino in hand.

Watch the above video to watch the journey of a lone NYC tomato as she tries to maneuver her way through New York’s transit system without the aid of City Harvest’s trucks. She gets stopped by the Metrocard entry, gives up her seat in rush hour and even runs into some issues on the L – something we can all relate to. In case you hadn’t guessed, our heroine runs into a couple of rush hour issues. So help City Harvest feed the nearly 2 million New Yorkers who face hunger each year, and make the trip that your food takes a little smoother. You can donate both food and funds at City Harvest’s website: http://cityharvest.org/

This post is sponsored by City Harvest.


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