Coney Island Lagers And Cafe Grumpy Teaming Up On A Coffee Beer

Coney Island Lagers And Cafe Grumpy Teaming Up On A Coffee Beer
Image: Fighting Moris

We haven’t had enough hot weather to start lusting for fall’s sweet relief yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to fall-y things, right?

Today, the Brooklyn Paper shared the news that one of the highlights of Autumn 2014 will be a brand new pumpkin spice espresso ale from Greenpoint’s Cafe Grumpy and Coney Island Lager.

According to the Paper, the collaboration was initiated by Coney Island Lager’s new owners, Alchemy, which acquired the small batch brewery from Schmaltz Brewing Company back in August 2013. Alchemy’s head honchos contacted a number of local businesses, but it was Cafe Grumpy, the same coffee shop chain that will soon replace a Starbucks in Grand Central,  that proved most enthusiastic about the idea. Apparently, the coffee purveyors were impressed with Coney Island’s “attention to detail during the development process.”

“It’s two things that people like to drink, together. It’s fun. We taste this coffee every day, but it’s interesting to taste it in a beer,” Cafe Grumpy owner Caroline Bell told the Paper. “It’s very subtle, complex, unexpected.”

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time a Brooklyn brewery has hooked up with a local coffee shop. Way back in 2007, Red Hook’s Sixpoint Brewery collaborated with Gorilla Coffee to produce Gorilla Warfare, a “robust and rich” porter with 7% alcohol-by-volume. It’s still considered one of the best beers Sixpoint has ever made.

Locals can expect to see Coney Island’s as-yet-unnamed beer, which will actually be brewed in a facility in Florida, on shelves this fall. And by fall, we hope they mean September at the absolute earliest. We don’t need any more trigger-happy seasonal beers coming out in mid-August.

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