There’s A New Organic Grocery Store On Bushwick Avenue Near Flushing

There's A New Organic Grocery Store On Bushwick Avenue Near Flushing Avenue

Life in northwest Bushwick just got a little better: As of April 20, there’s a new organic grocery store called City Fresh Market at 522 Bushwick Avenue. Here’s a full rundown of what they’re offering:

Let’s start with size: Compared to its cramped competitor, Mr. Kiwi’s, City Fresh is spacious, though it’ll most likely be a close fit once word gets out that there’s a new option for organic enthusiasts.

On the organic food front, City Fresh has a  big selection of the major brands. There’s organic veggies and mixed greens from Earthbound Farm, Organic Girl, and Fresh Attitude nestled alongside Nasoya tofu in all firmnesses and pricey juices from Naked, Zola and Bolthouse Farms. Meanwhile, you’ll find granolas from Back to Nature, Bear Naked, Sarabeth’s and Bob’s Red Mill throughout the store and cereals from Cascadian Farms.

In the dairy section, there’s  white and brown organic eggs from Wilcox Organic alongside similarly organic soy and almond milks. On the tea front, patrons will find Yogi and Celestial Seasonings and a self-serve grinder with coffee from the fair trade purveyors behind Brooklyn Roasting Company.  In the frozen food and meat aisles, City Fresh carries Applegate Farms, veggie/vegan burgers and various prepared organic meals.There’s not enough time to name all the organic brands City Fresh has curated, but suffice it to say that we were impressed with the selection.

However–and there’s always a however–if you completely object to mainstream brands even sharing space with organic products then City Fresh might not be the place for you. The grocery store sits on the ground floor of an affordable housing complex and they’ve taken it upon themselves to serve the people who live above the store as well, which is great! So, alongside all those fancy organic brands, you’ll find affordable, major brand names like General Mills, Kellog’s, Starbucks, Frito Lay, Dole, Boar’s Head, Purina, Goya, and Johnson & Johnson. City Fresh is aiming for a wallet-friendly combination of mainstream and organic so they serve everyone in the Bushwick community.

And two final notes about the new store: First, City Fresh Market isn’t just a grocery store. It’s a bike-themed cafe! At the front of the store, they’ve installed a line of stools for sipping freshly brewed Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and people/car watching to your heart’s content. At the same time, you’re welcome to satisfy your sweet tooth instead: City Fresh has soft serve and slushie machines right next to the coffee.

And let’s not forget the second thing: City Fresh Market delivers locally. The owners are that eager to please. In fact, when we visited, the nice woman behind the register said they’re still gauging what products their customers are interested in and will order new products on request. A store after our own hearts.

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  1. I live in that “affordable housing complex” and I would’ve been so mad had this new market been all over- priced organic crap.


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