Park Slope’s South Brooklyn Pizza (A.K.A. Percy’s) Has Closed

Park Slope's South Brooklyn Pizza (A.K.A. Percy's) Has Closed

Less than a week after the City Marshal seized the East Village outpost of South Brooklyn Pizza and put it up for rent, the original Park Slope location has also shuttered.

It appears that even after changing the shop’s name to Percy’s and adding dollar slices ($5 slices proved to be unpopular), the eatery still couldn’t cut it.

This is just the latest in a long string of legal and financial struggles for owner James McGown. In 2010, McGown was evicted from his Tribeca co-op after the building’s board sued him for frequently hosting raucous sex parties in his basement apartment. A few months later, McGown sued a member of the board who allegedly defaced his former “sex cave” in retaliation. Then, in 2013, the 140-year-old P.J. Hanley’s went bankrupt under McGown’s ownership and Brooklyn lost its oldest bar. And now, his pizza shops are falling like so many dominoes.

But don’t go shedding tears over the losses just yet: There are rumors that both the East Village and Park Slope locations will open again, albeit in different spaces. Meanwhile, we’ve still got SBP locations in Carroll Gardens (43 Fourth Avenue) and Cobble Hill (320 Court Street)–for now.

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