Tomorrow: Artist Judy Chicago To Set Off Massive Fireworks Display In Prospect Park

Judy Chicago Putting On Massive Fireworks Display In Prospect Park Tomorrow
Judy Chicago standing with “The Dinner Party.” Image: Jewish Currents

If you really can’t wait until July 4th to see this year’s epic East River fireworks display, you’re in luck. (Women’s) Independence Day has come a few months early.

According to the Daily News, iconic feminist artist Judy Chicago will put on an eye-catching fireworks display at Prospect Park tomorrow night.

The show, entitled “A Butterfly for Brooklyn,” is inspired by Chicago’s 1979 installation “The Dinner Party,” which depicts a triangular banquet table with settings for 39 famous women from mythology and history. Each setting features a china plate with a vaginal or butterfly motif. Additionally, the tables sit on a “Heritage Floor” covered with 999 porcelain tiles, each inscribed with the names of other famous women. The installation has been on display at the Brooklyn Museum since 2007.

In honor of all that feminist history, Chicago will head to the north end of Prospect Parks’ Long Meadow and present a 20-minute firework display inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly. According to the Brooklyn Museum, the display will measure “approximately 200 by 180 feet [and] the piece will appear to levitate, swirl, and move.”

“This one is bigger, more complex, and it will be more beautiful,” Chicago told the Daily News. “It will have multiple effects that I never could achieve before.”

“A Butterfly for Brooklyn,” which is being put on in conjunction with the Brooklyn Museum’s Chicago in L.A.: Judy Chicago’s Early Work, 1963–74 exhibit, is open to the public. The show kicks off at 7:30 p.m.

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