Greenpoint Ferry Ramp Still Not Repaired, Might Not Be For Awhile

Greenpoint Ferry Ramp Still Not Repaired, Might Not Be For Awhile
Image via Alan Tansey

Remember that time a group of East River Ferry passengers barely escaped with their lives after the Greenpoint dock’s ramp collapsed?

What about the fact that the incident took place more than two months ago?

Capital New York was kind enough to remind us all that absolutely nothing has been resolved in The Case of The Great Ramp Collapse and with the five-week-long G train shutdown fast approaching, this whole situation is getting a bit out of hand for the already transit-strapped Greenpoint.

According to Capital, the organization in charge of the pier, Red Sky Capital, has yet to deliver the results of an investigation into the ramp collapse and until they do so, the city refuses to repair anything. What’s more, Red Sky may be holding out for monetary reasons. In order to fix the ramp, the RSC needs to hire a water-borne crane twice–once to remove the ramp’s pilings and then again, to repair it. The company only wants to hire the crane once.

RSC refused to comment and Greenpoint councilman Stephen Levin, who originally called for the investigation, would only call the situation “totally unacceptable.” Meanwhile, Greenpointers are no closer to regaining ferry access.

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