Brooklyn Roasting Co. Launches A Cup-Sharing Program To Curb Waste

Brooklyn Roasting Co. Launches A Cup-Sharing Program To Curb Waste
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Last year, Forbes published an article about coffee consumption in the U.S. and shared the not-so-new news that we here in New York City are crazy about the stuff, spending three times more on coffee than the rest of the nation. So, just imagine how many coffee cups we dispose of everyday. The number is probably staggering.

That’s where Brooklyn Roasting Company comes in. 

Yesterday, the coffee purveyor launched a new program  described by the Daily News as ‘Citi Bike for coffee’ where customers pay $5 for a reusable coffee cup that they more or less rent. Here’s how the program works:

To join the “Good To Go” program all you have to do is pay $5 for a cup and then return the cup the next morning or whenever you’re ready for a refill. Participants keep their lids to prove they’re in the program and get clean, new cups with every visit to the Brooklyn Roasting Company. The cherry on the environmentally-friendly sundae: That initial buy-in includes which includes a free drink  and 25 cents off future drinks.

The whole project is in collaboration with the DO School whose student entrepreneurs approached Brooklyn Roasting Co. co-owner Jim Munson with the idea a few months ago and have since gotten a number of  “coffee retailers, reusable cup companies, local artists, bloggers, journalists and members of NYC government” to sign on.

Those wishing to sign up can head to the Brooklyn Roasting Co. location in DUMBO to pick up a Good To Go cup and attend a free launch party for the program at The Hudson Company (191 Plymouth Street nr. Jay St.) tonight.

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