Preposterous Williamsburg Art Heist Finally Resolved

Stolen paintings have been returned to Cotton Candy Machine
Photo via Cotton Candy Machine/Facebook

Last month’s amateur art heist that resulted in a PBR-fueled chase through the streets of Williamsburg has finally been resolved, Bedford + Bowery reports, with the return of two paintings that had been at large since the beginning of March.

As part of a plea deal, alleged thief Louis Lassalle was required to return two missing paintings by artist Amar Stewart to Cotton Candy Machine gallery (he’d initially been chased down while carrying a third), and the gallery’s owners wrote on Facebook, “We went this afternoon to identify them with the DA’s office and now we have them back! Couldn’t be more stoked! Thanks to everyone in the Media, the DA’s office, NYPD and each of you who shared kindness as we looked for Amar’s work! It has all payed off!”

Stewart also told Bedford + Bowery, “This is the best news I could get on a Monday morning. I’m super stoked. Especially the Mandela painting.” And thus, a calm end to what has thus far been the silliest local crime story of 2014. We’re sure there’ll be another contender soon enough.

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