Sponsored: Miller Lite Shows Us How to Break New Ground

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One thing we pride ourselves as Brooklynites, is never saying no to an ice-cold beer. Whether we’re cracking open a brew on a warm summer day, or hitting up the local pub for they’re latest winter ale, there’s no denying that beer and Brooklyn go hand in hand. Another thing us Brooklyners pride ourselves in, is having major respect for authenticity. Pocket watches, typewriters, and even the occasional monocle have been known to make an appearance around the streets of our favorite borough. For those of us that love the original, but aren’t afraid to brave the new, Miller Lite has some exciting news to help kick off the summer season. With warmer weather right around the corner, Miller Lite is sporting a new campaign video, with some of our favorite faces, both old and new.

Miller Lite’s latest advertisement highlights just how inspiring Miller Lite can be. The video showcases an assortment of faces such as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell and how Miller Lite helped lead them to their brilliant contributions to society. The video is not only here to kick off the summer season, but to announce that the original Miller Can is back in action for a limited time only. With everything you Brooklynites love about the new and the old, Miller Lite is here to serve you. So, the next time you’re cruising around on Bedford or cracking a few beers open on a neighbors roof, don’t forget to grab a pack of Miller Lite and see what grounds you’re capable of breaking.

This post is sponsored by Miller Lite.


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