After Years of Delays, Bushwick’s The Well Hopes To Open in May

The Well is hoping to open in May
This could be us but u playin, Well. (Photo by Austin McAllister)

Bushwick’s notoriously on-again-off-again bar-slash-venue pairing The Wick and The Well had a major victory late last month, with news that the Wick would finally start hosting shows (and had wrangled Marnie Stern, while they were at it). The Well is now hoping to follow suit, and in spite of assurances that they’d be open back in March, the owners have told Bedford + Bowery they’re aiming to be open full-time sometime next month.

In any case, they’ll need to be open by June, when they’re slated to host Exit Room and NYst’s “live-painting street-art festival” on their outdoor lot, complete with 14 murals, live music, and those 60 on-tap beers we’ve been hearing so much about for the past two years. Per usual, it all sounds great. Now if they’d just open up already, we could finally confirm for ourselves how awesome this is all going to be! Any day now.

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