Let the Brooklyn Night Bazaar Take You to Argentina

Cambalache Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Say what you will about the G and L trains (and believe us, we’ve said plenty). But during April 16th and 17th they’ll take you all the way to Argentina — via Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

Hosted by Wines of Argentina to celebrate Malbec World Day (because who doesn’t love a good PR-dictated holiday centered around alcohol?), the flea market’s assorted Ryan Gosling earring peddlers and Drunken Garlic hot sauce hawkers will take a back seat to South American street artists, tango dancers, and sizzling lambs on a spit.

Eighty dollar tickets to Cambalache: One Night in Argentina include a masterclass in local slang (who are you calling un pajero?), as well as the chance to watch a live, collaborative mural being created by three of Argentina’s most provocative painters, Cabaio Stencil, Roma and Tec, unlimited food and drink, ie: all the dulce de leche ice cream you can eat, and a demo of how music affects the way wine tastes (Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” will add depth to your glass of Trivento Cabernet Sauvignon)!

We mentioned the part where you get shitfaced on Malbec, and they teach you how to swear whilst in Buenos Aires, right?

For more info, visit winesofargentina.com/cambalacheny

Cambalache Brooklyn Night Bazaar


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