The Absolute Best Response to the James Franco/Instagram Scandal Came From a Gothamist Commenter

James Franco Instagram scandal

So, James Franco. What is there to say really about the news that a famous, middle-aged man made unwanted sexual advances toward a woman less than half his age? I mean, is it even really news? It sure does seem to happen with such alarming frequency that it can hardly even qualify as news anymore, right? It can continue to be disappointing, but not exactly surprising.

And so, we were just going to let it go, this latest celebrity scandal. After all, James Franco didn’t break any laws when he attempted to hook up with a 17-year-old in the New York hotel she was staying in while visiting the city from her native Scotland. The age of consent in New York is 17 after all, and the young (verrry young) woman refused to give Franco her hotel information so nothing even happened and we can all just move on with our lives, right? Nothing to see here.

Except! Via Gothamist, which reported on Franco’s appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning, came the perfect summation of this whole fiasco and of the larger issue of powerful men making plays for much younger women and then shrugging the whole sleazy thing off. Commenter “Shitdick” (real name? hard to say) had this to say about the whole affair:

gothamist commenter

(And… *mic drop*)

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  1. Not sure what this article is getting at, but I’ll say this: Women will always hate when men date younger women because younger, is the one thing they can never be. Men will always want younger women because it’s worked into our biology. Younger women = healthier babies. Not that we think of it that way. For me it’s a little different. I saw my friends dating women their age. I remained single. Years passed. Those young girls were now women that become whiney and boring. I’m creative and free spirited and wanted someone that would age with me. I knew I didn’t want kids for a while and to end up like my friends so I went younger. For me, that’s only 7 years. She was 21. 7 years later, and me still not wanting kids or boring lifestyle, means I wish she was even younger. Not that I’m looking or complaining. I love her and always will. If I had met her when she was 17 that wouldn’t have changed anything. I don’t see how it’s creepy. Men like younger women, women like older men. When they do that is. When they don’t, they don’t. If there is love and trust and consent, let people do what they want. If a guy is a creep it doesn’t matter what the age difference. Hopefully the girl has good parents and friends that will warn them about jerks.


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