East Village Mainstay, Max, Moves To Brooklyn

max opens in williamsburg
The New Max Photo: Daphne Wester

Forget what you’ve read in the New York magazine restaurant guide because Max is back!

According to Bedford + Bowery, the beloved Italian restaurant has finally reopened after a painfully long hiatus and this time around, they’re slinging comfort food in Brooklyn.

The original Max, which spent 15 years on Avenue B, closed after Hurricane Sandy left the restaurant with constant electricity issues and though owner Luigi Iasilli signed a lease in South Williamsburg in late 2011, he and his team were met with the a series of repair problems. According to DNAinfo, they weren’t able to move into the new location until October 2013.

For the uninitiated, Max is known for serving “simple, authentic Italian,” directly inspired by the dishes Iasilli enjoyed as a child in Potenza, Italy. What’s more, those easygoing dishes shouldn’t set you back more than $18.

Brooklynites will find Max 2.0 serving lunch and dinner at 740 Driggs Avenue near S. 2nd Street.

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