Bed-Stuy: No Longer Immune to Hideous Condos

Bed Stuy: No Longer Immune to Hideous Condos
Image via Brownstoner

Bed-Stuy’s been one of Brooklyn’s biggest real estate boom neighborhoods for a while now, but for obvious reasons, we’d laughed off any “the new Williamsburg” comparisons as nonsense realtor-speak. Well, here’s one way in which the neighborhood really is catching up to the ‘Burg: preposterously ugly condos!

Brownstoner found this rendering for an incoming development at 785 Dekalb (between Tompkins and Throop), which includes plans for “asymmetrical portholes and a glass dome, the six-story building will have 70 units spread across 52,429 feet of residential space, according to new building permits.”

I’d read recently the architecture community hates early releases (and early judgment) of renderings, which are essentially rough drafts, but still: ahahaha. That dome! For further context, Cinema Treasures has pictures of the Kismet, the old vaudeville theater-turned-church that developers for this place tore down back in 2009. Seems like, um, a fair trade.

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