A Plus From This Awful Winter: Fun New Ducks (And Seals!)

A Plus From This Awful Winter: Fun New Ducks
Welcome, red-necked grebe!

The past four/five/million months of winter have been totally worth it, at least according to bird enthusiasts. Turns out, the extended freezing temperatures up north has driven new kinds of ducks to the city’s ponds and rivers. So, welcome, ducks! Try a bagel, they’re delicious!

DNAinfo reports that two unusual breeds of duck have been spotted in NYC this spring, including the red-necked grebe, which normally resides in Canada and the northwest and the white-winged scoter, common upstate. According to Andrew Farnsworth of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the ducks were forced to travel father south due to the freezing of their usual habitats. Also new to the city this winter? Arctic seals, which have recently been spotted in the Rockaways.

Birdwatchers report seeing the little guys in both Central Park and just off of Brooklyn Bridge Park. In other news, we highly recommend spending your morning browsing one of the many online communities for bird enthusiasts.

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