Pretty (And Informative): Map Breaks Down Boroughs By Their Streets, Avenues and Roads

map breaks boroughs down into street avenues roads
Image: I Quant NY

New York City must be a statistician’s dream. Our little microcosm is just teeming with data, isn’t it?

In their ongoing mission to break city life down into digestible data, the folks at I Quant NY put together a handy map organizing NYC roadways by their suffixes (i.e. avenue, road, street, place) and came up with the map from above.

Here are few fun things we learned:

  • Manhattan is a “street” lovers’ borough as anyone with a brain knows. In fact, streets make up nearly 70 percent of Manhattan, followed closely by “avenues” and “places.”
  • By percentage, the Bronx has more avenues than any other borough. By number alone, Staten Island claims that title. They fancy, huh?
  • When it comes to “roads,” Queens dominates with nearly 20 percent of the borough’s roadways bearing the suffix.
  • Brooklyn has a lot of streets, of course, but when we say “avenue,” we really mean it. Our avenues tend to cross huge swaths of the borough. Oh, and we have a weird collection of “places” in North Brooklyn.
  • Staten Island simply doesn’t discriminate when it comes to naming roadways.

For a closer look at all this sexy data, head over to I Quant NY.

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